Proper Roof Install

Proper roof install – full year off including felt, synthetic felt, true starter strip, 6-nails per shingle, proper venting, quality Certainteed shingles! Thank you for trusting us to take proper care of you!

Inspection Report – Real Estate

Are you a Real Estate Agent or home buyer needing an inspection and report? Blue Angels Roofing offers inspections and reports for buyer’s agents or home buyers needing the roof inspected during inspection contingencies, or for any other reason an inspection might be needed. We understand that very often an inspection is very time-sensitive, so […]

Roof Replacement

If you are ready for a roof replacement but are unsure about which type of roof will best suit your house, contact us today and let us give you our expert advice. Visit our website or call us at (205) 810-1418 for a FREE estimate.

Tips on the Best Way to Clean Gutters

Three Tips on the Best Way to Clean Gutters Your gutters require a thorough cleaning at least two times a year, as any build-up that isn’t cleaned off from your roof can easily lead to rotting and decay that may cause leaks or damages to your property. If you’re thinking of a do-it-yourself gutter cleaning […]

Bad Memory?

If you feel like your memory isn’t as good as it used to be, try taking up one of these fun activities to work on improving it.

Leaky Roof? Poof!

As the winter approaches and temperatures change, you might find your roof leaking. Every leaky roof is different, but usually the solution comes down to figuring out if you should repair or place it. There are a series of questions you should ask yourself to figure it out. What type of roof do you have? […]


We have added a “repairs only” crew to our business! For everyone who doesn’t necessarily need their whole roof replaced, those who don’t want the expense of replacing an entire roof, you can get your roof fixed. Our financing program will cover repairs 100% just like the 100% financing offered on new roofs. Plus, […]

Financing Made Easy

Sometimes a major repair for your property comes out of nowhere and the finances aren’t available. At #BlueAngelsRoofing, we have partnered with Hearth to provide our customers with financing options for replacing your roof. Contact us at 205-810-1418 to learn more about our financing program and see if you qualify.

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